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One of the beautiful things about life is making progress. Years ago, our fore fathers set the pace, overcoming the hurdles in their way to build their own empires, empires that still stand to this day. Today, we continue in the same tradition of progress. It is this pursuit of progress that takes us beyond our borders, making our mark wherever we go but never forgetting our roots. And when we achieve, we bring home the glory and celebrate with our unique sound; the sound of Hi-Life. Hi-Life music tells the tale of our courage, resilience, brotherhood, tradition and progress. It is this sound that calls out our heritage and fills us with pride of where we come from. Our people say Turu Ugo Lota which means, “Bring home the Glory”. No matter where we go, the sound of home calls us forth in our musical oja flute, the melodious ogene and the mesmerizing ekwe whose beats spur the tapping of our feet and the nodding of our heads. Ijele the famous masquerade dances with the agility of the fox, gyrating its hips with unmatched rhythm. Ndi Igbo, this is our story, the beautiful lure of our sound, the rhythm of progress. And we celebrate it with joy at our parties and festivals, from the hilltops of the villages to the open squares of our cities. Hi-Life is the music of our enjoyment.


Every year, we gather the most talented Hi-Life performers to celebrate this unique culture at a music competition, Hi-Life Fest. It is a celebration that recognizes and rewards those who preserve our rhythm of progress. From far and wide, ndi egwu gather to show us what they are made of and only one person must emerge to win the crown of the coveted “King of Hi-Life Fest”. This year, we look forward to another series of entertaining performances. Onye ga turu ugo lota? Who will bring home the glory? Who will ascend the throne as the undisputed King of Hi-Life Fest? Stay tuned.

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